Cosmetic Dentistry

Give Your Smile a Makeover

Mod­ern smile makeovers are so easy (and afford­able!) that there’s simply
no rea­son why you can’t have the per­fect­ly beau­ti­ful, nat­ur­al-look­ing smile you’ve always wanted.

We empha­size the aes­thet­ic aspect in ALL our work because we know that when your smile looks good, you feel good! We use the best com­bi­na­tion of pre­ven­tive care, tooth-col­ored fill­ings, and restora­tive tech­niques for opti­mum den­tal health. Ask us what veneers, crowns, bond­ing, and whiten­ing can do for YOUR smile!


White Bonded Fillings

Despite the short­com­ings of met­al fill­ings, the biggest rea­son many of our patients are choos­ing the white bond­ed fill­ings is the way they look. Many peo­ple just don’t want an ugly black plug in their teeth. We offer mod­ern restora­tions that are a nat­ur­al-look­ing white, con­tain no met­als, and can actu­al­ly strength­en your teeth. They also bond very tight­ly with the healthy part of the tooth so there is much less chance of decay in the future.


Dental Implants

Den­tal implants are the ide­al way to replace lost teeth. The “tooth” placed on an implant appears life-like, because it comes through the gums just like the orig­i­nal did – it’s like grow­ing a new tooth! Implants can be used to replace any num­ber of lost teeth.


Porcelain Veneers

Makeover your smile in as lit­tle as two vis­its! If you have mis­shapen teeth, unsight­ly gaps, or deep dis­col­oration, our cus­tom porce­lain veneers may be the answer. These are thin porce­lain cov­er­ings that fit over and are bond­ed to your teeth, look nat­ur­al, and are made from the most advanced den­tal ceram­ic available.


Full and Partial Dentures

We can design and fit nat­ur­al-look­ing den­tures that won’t slip! This break­through involves anchor­ing the den­ture plate so secure­ly that you no longer have to wor­ry about the foods you eat or that your den­tures might shift or slip. If you are a den­ture wear­er, be sure to ask us about this. It will make your life so much easier.

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