Patient Testimonials

“My front top bridge was dis­con­nect­ed, and the con­di­tion of most of my upper teeth was extreme­ly poor. I had cos­met­ic fears, com­fort fears, and pain fears. I think the final result was a 150% out of 100%.”   –MB


“I did­n’t like the way my old crowns looked and had reached the point of need­ing to have my low­er front teeth crowned. I was very con­cerned about how the new crowns would look over­all and if I would be hap­py with the out­come of all this den­tal work. I am thrilled with the final results of my new crowns. They look beau­ti­ful and feel won­der­ful. Dr. Ilan is a per­fec­tion­ist and I am so hap­py with my new smile!”   –DW


“Ini­tial­ly when I came to Parkview Fam­i­ly Den­tal I had a tooth that was loose that was sup­port­ing a fixed bridge. An exam­i­na­tion of my mouth revealed a much big­ger prob­lem than I real­ized and I need­ed some major den­tal work. My main con­cern was how I would pay to have the work done. Parkview Fam­i­ly Den­tal pro­vid­ed me with a nec­es­sary and con­ve­nient financ­ing tool, and I am very pleased with the final results. My thanks to Dr. Ilan and his staff.”   –CA


“I want­ed to whiten my teeth but was con­cerned that they would not ‘match’ the veneers I had placed long ago on my front teeth. Dr. Ilan sug­gest­ed replac­ing the two front veneers and simul­ta­ne­ous­ly whiten­ing the rest of my teeth to cre­ate a brighter smile. I am absolute­ly elat­ed with the results. I love how my smile looks – it has­n’t looked like this in about 15 years. Dr. Ilan could­n’t have been more patient, car­ing and under­stand­ing. I am so hap­py that I decid­ed to go through with the process!”   –AH


“I had an unsight­ly remov­able par­tial that made me very self-con­scious about smil­ing. It did not fit right either. Chew­ing was a bit of a chal­lenge. Dr. Ilan rec­om­mend­ed implants. I was con­cerned about the pain it might involve as well as the expense. It was worth every pen­ny. I had no seri­ous pain – just minor dis­com­fort – maybe even less than hav­ing a tooth pulled. The implants look very nor­mal – I smile and laugh eas­i­ly now. They work great – like nor­mal teeth. I can eat any­thing. I love them. It was a great invest­ment in myself.”   –ND


“Dr. is very warm and great with kids. Office is beau­ti­ful, and we are always seen on time.” –ZS

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