Patient Testimonials

“My front top bridge was disconnected, and the condition of most of my upper teeth was extremely poor. I had cosmetic fears, comfort fears, and pain fears. I think the final result was a 150% out of 100%.”   –MB


“I didn’t like the way my old crowns looked and had reached the point of needing to have my lower front teeth crowned. I was very concerned about how the new crowns would look overall and if I would be happy with the outcome of all this dental work. I am thrilled with the final results of my new crowns. They look beautiful and feel wonderful. Dr. Ilan is a perfectionist and I am so happy with my new smile!”   –DW


“Initially when I came to Parkview Family Dental I had a tooth that was loose that was supporting a fixed bridge. An examination of my mouth revealed a much bigger problem than I realized and I needed some major dental work. My main concern was how I would pay to have the work done. Parkview Family Dental provided me with a necessary and convenient financing tool, and I am very pleased with the final results. My thanks to Dr. Ilan and his staff.”   –CA


“I wanted to whiten my teeth but was concerned that they would not ‘match’ the veneers I had placed long ago on my front teeth. Dr. Ilan suggested replacing the two front veneers and simultaneously whitening the rest of my teeth to create a brighter smile. I am absolutely elated with the results. I love how my smile looks – it hasn’t looked like this in about 15 years. Dr. Ilan couldn’t have been more patient, caring and understanding. I am so happy that I decided to go through with the process!”   –AH


“I had an unsightly removable partial that made me very self-conscious about smiling. It did not fit right either. Chewing was a bit of a challenge. Dr. Ilan recommended implants. I was concerned about the pain it might involve as well as the expense. It was worth every penny. I had no serious pain – just minor discomfort – maybe even less than having a tooth pulled. The implants look very normal – I smile and laugh easily now. They work great – like normal teeth. I can eat anything. I love them. It was a great investment in myself.”   –ND


“Dr. is very warm and great with kids. Office is beautiful, and we are always seen on time.” –ZS

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